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Outreach in our Community
Manteca Boys and Girls Club
Perishable Foods Council supported the Manteca Boys and Girls Club gift drive.

Shyann's Kindness Project


Each year, the Perishable Foods Council, in conjunction with their Honoree Dinner, collects toys for the Shyann Kindness Project.  This is a way the council members give back to the community.


The Story
Shyann Rosati left us January 2005 and Random Acts of Kindness are being done by her devoted family, friends Volunteers and people like YOU to support children. Served over 17,000

At Shyann's Celebration of Life Service, cards were handed out with Shyann's picture, asking that a random act of kindness be performed in her honor, with the recipient being given the card and asked to pass on a kindness and the card.

From this the foundation was born and now serves children, special needs, abused, homeless, hospitalized, any situation where they can help.

The kindness gift-giving events are usually done twice a month, and have taken place at hospital emergency rooms and clinics, homeless feeding programs, shelters for women and children, clinics for children with special needs, after school programs in low income areas where gangs and drugs are prevalent, as well as other areas where children are living in stressful situations.
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